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Comments from GetCalmer Yoga students past and present

“Rebecca's classes are wonderful and more than just a yoga class. They're an hour of calm dedicated to yourself, to forget the stresses of the day and to relax. To breathe, stretch and ease any tension. Also to meet other mums in a similar position and to share stories. The stretching in particular was invaluable for me through my pregnancy and afterwards. My baby enjoyed attending with me, and was quite intrigued by the classes :-) I would recommend GetCalmer yoga to all pregnant mums. Rebecca is lovely and also does a great massage. Thank you". 
Steph & Alice – Pre/Post-natal Yoga

“Thank you too for such a wonderful class! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel that it has been so beneficial in both getting my body strong again and relaxing the mind when you're a busy new Mum. The social aspect has also been great meeting lovely ladies and babies!”
Lydia L’Anson & Fred – Pre-natal Yoga
“We really enjoyed the class. It was a great way to get back into exercise and meet other new mums. Rebecca is a very calm, clear and patient instructor who made us and our babies feel very welcome and totally at ease. The class was a great way to find a bit of time and space for myself as a new mum.”
Deborah Sidwell & Jessica – Post-natal Yoga

"Thanks so much for the course Rebecca. I've really enjoyed it.
You are a fantastic instructor and I've already recommended you to people. I just love that whenever I found myself in a position (literally!) that felt a bit wrong, it was like you read my mind and said "chest up" or "bring you ankles in line" and bam, instantly felt better!!!”
Katie Campbell and Tatty – Post-natal Yoga

“Really enjoyed the Post-natal course Rebecca, thank you.  It was great to be able to spend time practicing yoga as well as taking Sylvie to spend some time with other babies.  The tea, biscuits and chat afterwards was fantastic."
Louise Fooks & Sylvie – Post-natal Yoga
“As a keen runner I really enjoy the completely different form of exercise that yoga brings. As a novice at yoga, I find your classes are a great combination of challenging poses and patient support from you. I can highly recommend your class to any busy Mum who feels that they deserve just one hour a week of their own rejuvenating time!"
Becky Tilney – Beginners/Improvers yoga
“Having been out of consistent practice for a while I was concerned I wouldn't be able to keep up in the advanced class but Rebecca is a wonderful instructor. She has a way of understanding your capability and pushing you beyond it with each class. My body shape and strength has improved greatly in such a short time!"
Natalie Cocker – Intermediates yoga
“I started my yoga classes with Rebecca when I was just 13 weeks pregnant and went every week throughout my pregnancy. I am sure that this helped with the birth of my first baby. I felt totally in control throughout the labour because of the breathing that I had practiced every week at yoga, and I was able to use many of the positions I had learnt from Rebecca to help me feel comfortable and even speed up the birth. I am now pregnant again and back at Rebecca's yoga class!"
Diana Brooks – Prenatal Yoga

“I found get calmer yoga really beneficial for all parts of my pregnancy, not only did it introduce me to other pregnant women in Henley Rebecca also facilitated communication and sharing of experiences. The yoga really helped me relax during pregnancy and prepare for birth. I'm convinced that it contributed to a good labour and a wonderfully straightforward birth."
Ursula Nedic – Pre-natal yoga

“Rebecca's GetCalmer prenatal yoga class is the most valuable thing I did in preparation for the birth of my baby. Each week made me feel more confident and prepared for labour and, when the time came I found myself using the breathing techniques and birthing positions we'd done in class. Its also incredibly relaxing and helped to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy. I met some great people and made lasting friendships. Having that support and chance to chat with other expectant mums each week was invaluable. I'd recommend Rebecca's classes to any mum-to-be."
Clare Planner – Pre-natal yoga

“Rebecca is thoroughly professional & yet very relaxed & personal in her yoga teaching. Throughout my antenatal yoga course I felt relaxed & comfortable in both mind & body. I was very anxious about my second birth after a very painful first experience. However with the yoga & some additional pregnancy massages (for which she comes to your house so you can fully relax) from Rebecca, & her very calming persona, I went into my second labour with a far calmer mind set & had a much more pleasant experience. I would absolutely recommend Rebecca for both her yoga teaching & excellent massage."
Sarah Barling – Pre-natal yoga

“I started practising yoga around 3 years ago, and my only regret is that I didn't start 20 years ago. Rebecca's classes are challenging, but at the same time immensely enjoyable. I have obtained greater flexibility, better posture and increased core strength and stability. As a keen squash player, the benefits of yoga help to reduce the risk of injuries caused by over-stretching, and one of the additional benefits is learning relaxation techniques, which helps to calm down a busy lifestyle. Highly recommended!"
Jeannie Engela – Intermediates yoga

“I'm doing prenatal yoga with Rebecca again for my second pregnancy. First time around I loved the prenatal yoga experience and this time around I look forward to my time to relax and unwind every week. Not only did the class help with any aches and pains during pregnancy; it also provided invaluable skills, such as breathing exercises and different positions, to help during the birth. The other huge benefit of the class for me was meeting other expectant mums. I have made many friends through the class who I still see now three years on and some of whom are now among my closest friends. I would highly recommend Rebecca's prenatal yoga to any mum-to-be."
Melissa Carolan – Pre-natal yoga
“I really look forward to my weekly yoga class: it is the one time a week I actually allow my body some proper relaxation and a decent stretching session, as well as a good workout. As a keen runner and cyclist, it is a brilliant complementary session to my other training. It's always challenging but I always feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Rebecca is an excellent teacher: she is very thorough and patient but also encourages you to push yourself to achieve more than you thought you could!"
Bea Friend – Intermediates Yoga
“I have found the classes really useful as there is a specific focus on teaching us adapted poses not just for pregnancy but most importantly for when in labour and this has helped me feel much calmer in the run up to the birth and in preparing my birth plan. I have also enjoyed the time out for myself one evening a week and to connect with other pregnant women who are all going thought the same aches, pains and tiredness!"
Hannah Harris – Pre-natal yoga
“I attended Rebecca's pre-natal yoga classes all the way through my pregnancy. The classes have been wonderfully relaxing, with Rebecca's calm influence and guidance and tailored yoga poses, my body (and mind) always feels so much better having been to a class. Rebecca has also given me tailored exercises and stretches to help with specific pregnancy body complaints which have kept various aches and pains to a minimum."
Jennifer Willenbrock – Pre-natal yoga
“In terms of a testimonial I wanted to thank you for running the prenatal yoga classes - I looked forward to that time each week when I could truly relax and think only of myself and my baby. I also learnt some invaluable relaxation and breathing techniques which helped focus my mind during labour and cope with the escalating contractions! Thank you Rebecca for your calm, patient and considered approach."
Laura Kilduff – Pre-natal yoga
“I have been doing yoga with Rebecca for four years now and really look forward to the classes for both relaxation and the great workout My strength has increased so much as has my flexibility. The classes always provide new challenges and balances / poses to work towards which makes it so rewarding when you achieve these. The classes are small so Rebecca can adjust your positions where necessary and her experience is reflected in the way Rebecca demonstrates and talks through poses and breathing/ relaxation techniques. Great for toning, flexibility and relaxation"
Kay Hunter – Intermediates Yoga
“Thinking about trying yoga? I did but that was about all I did, think about it. I bought a book and watched some videos. Then I decided to join a yoga class and I found a very good one offered by Rebecca Dobson from getCalmer. Rebecca provides the right balance of hands on guidance (if you are going to practice yoga you might as well do it right) to letting you get on with it. She challenges you but at your own pace. At the end of each class I always leave with a feeling of accomplishment."
Billy Keefer – Intermediates